Our Products

We offer the finest mortgage products and solutions that are customized to your client’s individual needs. Our various programs and products offer you a competitive edge. We are confident you will find the right product for your client!

Conventional Products

  • Competitive Rates
  • Credit Score as low as 620
  • Flexible Terms
  • Property Inspection Waivers available(No Appraisal subject to approval)


  • Low Down Payment Required
  • Easy to Refinance
  • Credit Score as low as 580

We are an FHA approved lender, and with us, you can expect access to FHA loans at more relaxed credit score requirements than conventional loans. Our FHA loans are best for low-to-moderate-income buyers who might not be able to qualify for a conventional loan. It is also an excellent option for people that cannot afford a significant down payment.


  • No Mortgage Insurance Required
  • 0% Down Payment Option
  • Credit Score as low as 580


  • Maximized Purchase Price
  • 0% Down Payment Option
  • Credit Score as low as 580

This is a type of loan offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help create the possibility of homeownership for low-income buyers in rural areas around the country. The USDA loan does not necessarily require any down money from qualified borrowers – as long as their properties meet the eligibility rules of the USDA.

This is where we come in – helping eligible borrowers access these funds without the stress that comes with it. Note that this type of loan is best for rural area residents that cannot qualify for conventional loan products.