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Majestic SolutionTM

Minimum FICO 640 / Max LTV 80% / Max Loan Amount Conforming

  • Wage-Earners Only
  • Base pay requires Min. 12-month with the same employer
  • All other types of employment income: Minimum 24-month
  • Gift funds may fund all or part of the down payment or closing costs
  • SFR/Condo/2-4 Units are allowed
  • Second Home/Investment propertis are allowed
  • Cash-out loans allowed
  • First-time Home Buyers avilable
  • VOE Only

Product Codes: MS030 / MSHB030

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Majestic PortfolioTM

Minimum FICO 620 / Max LTV 90% / Max Loan Amount Conforming

  • 3rd Party VOE may be utilized when the only source of earnings is wages/salary
  • Conforming & High Balance loan limits
  • Cash-out Available
  • Lender or borrower paid compensation allowed
  • Owner Occupied Only
  • First-time Home Buyers available
  • VOE Only

Product Codes: MP030 / MPHB030

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