December 8 & 9 AE 2 Day Training Content

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Hi Team!

We’re back with our agenda for the next week’s AE training.

Please look over the schedule because the training cadence is different this time around.

We have also added some additional talking points, under Todd’s direction:

Broker Approval Process:

  • How to register a loan, overview. This can be live or screenshots. Whichever is easier.

Life of a Loan:

  • AUS Walkthrough
  • Pre – Lock
  • Pre – Approvals

Closing Deep Dive:

  • NDC Overview

Underwriting Q&A:

  • How we do scenarios
  • Investor related questions

If you decide to add slides to your content in order to go over these additional talking points, please let me know and I will add them to the deck by Tuesday 12/6.

Please let me or Enrique know if you have any questions!